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Deep River with Author Karl Marlantes

“Deep River” by Karl Marlantes

Finlandia Foundation National is pleased to present a chat with Karl Marlantes, award-winning author of the epic novel Deep River, which is rooted in his family’s immigrant experience. The story centers on three siblings who traveled from Finland to the Pacific Northwest during the logging boom more than a century ago.

Kaija Perkiömäki hosts the 30-minute program. 

Karl reads from his novel, and adds comments and insights into life in that era.
(The number of calories consumed daily by lumberjacks will astound you.)

Historical photos (not in the book) illustrate aspects of the grueling, seemingly impossible work—and some of the small leisure activities—of those hardy souls.

Karl Marlantes is also the author of the much lauded Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War.