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Past President Anita Smiley, on heritage and organizations

As each of these organizations works diligently to keep our Finnish heritage alive and strong, we salute all the tentacles around the world that are joining in this work. Each of us is a small part of a much larger network of people who are thankful for a rich heritage passed down through parents and grandparents, relatives, and friends and who do not want to have this heritage become just another vegetable in the pot of soup called ethnicity.

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Finnish & American Sister Cities

There are at least 15 communities in the United States that are paired with municipalities in Finland as “Sister Cities” in cultural exchange. Several are members of the official Sister Cities International program. Sister Cities International was founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956 to strengthen global relationships and encourage cultural, educational and humanitarian exchanges.

Marquette, Michigan and Kajaani, Finland have been “Sister Cities” since July 30, 1997. Marquette is in the Upper Peninsula on the Lake Superior shore, and Kajaani is in the heart of Finland in the Kainuu province, about 370 miles north of Helsinki. The Peter White Library in Marquette has displays about its Sister City of Kajaani, Finland as well as objects from its other Sister City, Higashiomi, Japan.

Other cities that currently are paired in the formal Sister Cities program, or informally in Finland and the U.S. include:

  • Espoo and Irving, Texas
  • Järvenpää and Pasadena, California
  • Kuopio and Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Rauma and Boynton Beach, Florida
  • Salo and St. Anthony, Minnesota
  • Vaasa and Bellingham, Washington
  • Hanko and Canterbury, Connecticut
  • Jakobstad and Jamestown, New York
  • Kajaani and Marquette, Michigan
  • Kokkola and Fitchburg, Massachusetts
  • Lappeenranta and Lake Worth, Florida
  • Lapua and Lantana, Florida
  • Porvoo and Hancock, Michigan
  • Rovaniemi and Cadillac, Michigan
  • Tampere and Syracuse, New York

If you know of others, please get in touch so we can add them to our list!