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Officers & Trustees

FFN trustees are volunteers who serve three-year terms on a rotating basis.

Each member of the board serves on a committee dedicated to programs that fulfill the FFN mission. Committees include members of the Young Leaders Board and staff, and other volunteers.

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The Board holds two business meetings annually, in the spring and fall. The spring meeting is held in a location where there is an FFN chapter, which gives the trustees and members an opportunity to get to know each other. The fall meeting is conducted via Zoom.

If you would like to reach a board member, please contact us. Your message will be attended to promptly.

Anne-Mari Paster


Anne-Mari Paster has extensive experience in the finance and investment fields, most recently as a managing director and chief financial officer of Omega Funds, where she is responsible for the financial and administrative operations of the international healthcare investment firm.

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Paul O. Halme

Executive Vice President

Paul Halme was born in Los Angeles, California, to Finnish immigrant parents, the late Rev. Omar G. and Saimi K. Halme. Rev. Halme was one of the founders of Finlandia Foundation.

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Päivi Tetri


Päivi has established citizenship in both the United States and Finland. She received an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Oregon and a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin Madison.

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Dirk Schulbach


Dirk A. Schulbach brings years of experience as a board member and treasurer of the Finlandia Foundation Columbia-Pacific Chapter (FFCPC) to his role as FFN treasurer.

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Eeva Syvanen

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Teuvo Pulkkinen

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Richard Ahola

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Jacqueline L. Harjula

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Katariina Lehtonen

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Peter Mäkilä

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Betsey Norgard

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Tim Nurvala

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Tarja Silverman

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Hanna Wagner

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Michel Wendell

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Ellen Harju

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Jon K. Jurva

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Trustees Emeriti

Dennis M. Anderson
Elissa Della Rocca
Jeanne Doty
Dan Haataja
Terttu Haronoja
Olavi Hiukka
Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski
Birgitta Kaanto
Marja Kaisla
John Laine
Juha O. Mäkipää
Satu Mikkola

Anja Miller
Armi Koskinen Nelson
Marianne Parssinen
Rev. Rueben Perttula
Ossi Rahkonen
Jon Saari
Bert J. Salonen
Matti Sarkia
Anita Häkkilä Smiley
Marja Oksajärvi Snyder
John Suomela
Rita Vermala-Koski

Past Presidents


Consul Y.A. Paloheimo
Vaino Hoover, Ph.D
Gertrude W. Kujala
Jorma L. Kaukonen
Juha O. Mäkipää
Carl W. Jarvie
Paul O. Halme
Inger Edwards
John Suomela
John Laine
Anita Häkkilä Smiley
Ossi Rahkonen