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Performer of the Year

Finlandia Foundation National launched the Performer of the Year (POY) program in 1996 to assist undiscovered artists and gain exposure for entertaining programs related to Finnish and Finnish-American culture. FFN chapters are invited to host the POY for the enrichment and enjoyment of their members and guests. 

Most of the performers selected have been singers or instrumentalists, although we have had a few other talents, such as our current actor and comedian Miska Kajanus. The POY may possess any talent that appeals to a range of ages and is consistent with the goals of the FFN.


Miska Kajanus, a Finnish-American actor, comedian, musician and filmmaker from Finland, now based in Los Angeles, is Finlandia Foundation’s Performer of the Year for 2024.


Ida Metsburg

FFN Performers of the Year have shared a variety of talents with audiences across the U.S. since the program was established 1996. Singer/songwriter Ida Metsberg was POY 2023.