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Sauna Proverbs and Quotes

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Two places are holy: church and sauna.


In the sauna, one must conduct oneself as one would in church.


All people are created equal, but nowhere more so than in a sauna.


Every sauna has its own soul.


A person without sauna is like a body without a soul.


A house without a sauna is not a home.


A sauna without a vihta is like a meal without salt.


Sauna is a poor man’s pharmacy.


If liquor, tar and sauna do not help, the illness is fatal.



It is natural for Americans to pronounce it “sawna,” to rhyme with flora and fauna, but the word should really have an “ow” sound, as in “How now brown sauna?”

In a phonetic language such as Finnish, every letter is sounded, including the “u” in “sauna.” The word “sauna” refers both to the Finnish bathhouse and to the bath itself. 

Bernhard Hillila

If the sauna is just a bath, then Buckingham Palace is just a house.

Robert L. Roy

The thoughts and feelings that emerge from being on the sauna bench could never appear being anywhere else in the world.

F.E. Sillanpää

Sauna is hygiene. Wellness. Mind-body sensation. Ecstasy. Socialization. Meditation. Totally positive addiction. And, a way of life.

Naomi Moriyama

It’s a great way to center yourself, relax, and leave the world behind you.
You’ll come out of there renewed.

Mikko Nissinen

If genius is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration, try thinking through your problems in a sauna!

Bernhard Hillila

A little pile of wood, and some water, and you’ve got your therapist.

Patty Salo Downs

When steam rises from the stones and the sprays of steam and give off their fragrance, the sauna comes into its own.

Sigurd Olson

Our family immigrated from the forests of Finland in the 1880s. And for the past 140 years, we have built saunas on the farm, in the home, and at the cabin.

I suppose the steam is in my blood. 

Justin Juntunen  

What’s a sauna cocktail: Just water on the rocks!

Bernhard Hillila

I’ve long been a sauna enthusiast and recommend it to cleanse the skin, soothe sore muscles or merely relax. In asking you to take up the practice of sweat bathing, I cannot separate its physical and spiritual aspects.

Dr. Andrew Weil

The “sauna ritual,” an unheard-of activity for Anglo-Americans, promoted a sense that Finns were both exotic and separatist.

Marianne Wargelin

Babies were born in the sauna and the dead were cleaned in the sauna. So it’s really the cycle of life.

Patty Salo Downs 

Why do we value sauna this much? It’s the experience of it as a child, and the memories, and the families, and the conversations you had.

Sauna isn’t an outbuilding, it’s part of your life. 

Aaron Hautala

Nostalgia for sauna is as great as the actual experience.

David Salmela

Finns certainly do not debate the merits of sauna.

They just do it, again and again, because their parents and grandparents did, it is a perfect antidote to a cold swim, it meets winter on its own terms, and it feels good. But it is also a galvanizing national ritual, and for their role as keepers of this tradition, the world owes them a debt of gratitude.

Michael Nordskog 

Perhaps American saunas can never quite attain the authenticity of saunas in Finland. Though we American Finns have the same blood coursing through our veins, our culture is quite different, and we must create our own sauna traditions as well as our own sauna architecture.

But one thing is the same in all places: the physics of water thrown on hot rocks turning to steam to clean the pores, ease the stress of the day, and enhance enjoyment of the open night air.

David Salmela