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National Sauna Week

February 18-24, 2024

NEW! Sauna Poster Art Competition

Finlandia Foundation National announces the inaugural National Sauna Week Poster Contest to artistically capture the essence of the authentic Finnish heat-and-steam bathing method, and promote the 2024 celebration.

Deadline for entries is December 1, 2023. Click below for:

Sauna is the most known Finnish word in the U.S., within and outside of the Finnish-American community. While many people have experienced sauna at hotels, spas and gyms, in the time of COVID-19, home saunas have become popular additions.

Finlandia Foundation National has declared the last week in February “National Sauna Week” to build awareness and appreciation of this aspect of Finnish and Finnish-American culture.

Our second annual celebration was February 19-25, 2023, and featured a variety of online programs with experts on different aspects of sauna culture. Some FFN chapters and independent businesses also hosted events in their communities. Click below for links to our events, which are being added to the FFN YouTube channel, where you’ll also find our 2022 Sauna Week programs.

Scroll down for songs, stories, proverbs, facts, Chef Mikko’s recipes and cooking demo and more!

We offer sauna information and fun content at this website, our social media and YouTube channel. Explore these pages and check back often, as we update and add to the content all year long.

Mark your calendar for the next National Sauna Week, February 18-24, 2024.

Below, click to view a brief introduction to sauna.

Enjoy exploring the resources here, and feel free to forward tips, information, resources, songs, stories and other fun stuff related to sauna to:

Sauna Resources

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Sauna Facts

Sauna: What’s the big deal?

Get the scoop on sauna.

How do you say sauna?

Hint: it doesn’t rhyme with “fauna.”

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How do you build a sauna?

We can help you dream. Or, once you have the right tools, help you plan.

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Songs and Stories

Books and Other Media

Proverbs and Quotes