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Sauna and Wellness

There are numerous clinical studies—and too many anecdotal stories to mention— attesting to the positive medicinal effects of sauna. For centuries, sauna was the place for childbirth and curing ills of all kinds. 

Many modern health experts agree that regular sauna use can benefit the heart and mind, soothe aching muscles, improve skin conditions, provide general pain relief and help to de-stress.

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The science

“Dr. Laukkanen has been conducting long-term trials looking at the health effects of sauna use in a population of over 2,000 middle-aged men in Finland. The results? Massive reductions in mortality and memory disease in a dose-response fashion at 20-year follow-up.”

In the above video, scientist and “heat shock evangelist” Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D. talks with cardiologist and researcher Dr. Jari Laukkanen about his findings about sauna and the prevention of cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Dr. Lasse Viinikka writes for the North American Sauna Society about medical purposes for using a sauna. The article originally appeared in Finnish. It was translated to English by Eero Kilpi, president of the North American Sauna Society.

Sauna From Finland also has much to say in its series of articles about the wonders and health benefits of sauna.

The stories

In the video above, Joona Virtanen attempts to expose himself to the löyly (steam) of the sauna for 30 straight days to document its effects.


I’ve long been a sauna enthusiast and recommend it to cleanse the skin, soothe sore muscles or merely relax. In asking you to take up the practice of sweat bathing, I cannot separate its physical and spiritual aspects.

Dr. Andrew Weil

Sauna destroy stress. It destroys it. If you are having a bad week, and you go in there, and you endure 190 degrees Fahrenheit with three scoops of water on the rocks, and you go through that searing experience, the trivialities of life can’t stand next to that.

Michael Nordskog