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Resources and Organizations

There’s no shortage of sources for information about sauna, including the organizations, interest groups, websites and Facebook pages listed here. We offer this resource as a free service for reference only. We are not affiliated with or responsible for the content provided by the following sources.

We will update this list and welcome additions. If you have something you’d like to share, please reach out to us!

(Inter)National sauna associations

The International Sauna Association (ISA) is a Helsinki-based association of “national and other sauna societies, organizations and private people.” ISA membership consists of national and other sauna societies, organizations and individuals. ISA publicizes the sauna and promotes its use on a global scale by rallying supporters of sauna activities in different countries.

If you’re U.S.-based, look no further than the North American Sauna Society. Established in 2004 in New York to “demonstrate and promote traditional Nordic sauna experience in the U.S. and Canada.”

Back in the sauna homeland, Suomen Saunaseura, a non-profit Finnish sauna association, has been providing support and resources since 1937. They are a membership organization that “nurtures the sauna culture and strives to develop the Finnish sauna and promote research on it. The sauna club also shares information about the Finnish sauna and saunaing internationally.” In addition to maintaining an informational website, they have saunas for use of members and guests and publish a quarterly magazine.

Community Groups

Finlandia Foundational National has a special place for saunas, too! Every Saturday, we features a story, video, song or event related to sauna on our Facebook page. You can scroll through past content by typing “Sauna Saturday” in the page’s search feature.

Sauna and camping at the same time? Members of the International Disciples of Sauna Tent Facebook group welcomes you to join them! The group is “not affiliated with any manufacturer, or distributor of sauna tents and welcome discussion of all models including homemade sauna tents.”

Need a place to share photos and stories, ask questions, or offer insights into construction, maintenance, history of saunas? Join the Wood-Burning Sauna Facebook group.

Art and Science

Saunologia is home to articles by the leading contemporary Finnish sauna expert, Dr. Lassi A Liikkanen, who has been studying Finnish sauna actively for several years and sauna bathing from infancy. Dr. Liikkanen works full-time on digital service design and also acts at Aalto University as an Adjunct Professor of Human-Centered Product Design. He is the author of The Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design.

Committed to “Advancing Research on the Health Benefits of Sauna,” the Sauna Research Institute is a non-profit “dedicated to initiating studies within the environment of heat/cold exposure as well as potential ancillary environments and conditions.” Its headquarters is a sauna on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota.


Sauna from Finland (SFF) is a “Finnish sauna expertise association and company network with a mission to create the best sauna experiences in the world.” It offers information, tips and news for the industry and individuals. SFF selectively awards its Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate as proof of the authenticity and high-quality and detailed criteria met by Finnish public saunas

Drop by the Sauna Channel for beautiful videos explore a variety of unique bathing styles and destinations around the world. Your stop for stories, people, architecture, nature, cultures and traditions around sweating in saunas, soaking in hot springs, and rejuvenating in spas and bathhouses.

Glenn Auerbach’s SaunaTimes is “your guide to a healthy escape.” This sauna enthusiast’s lifestyle website and blog carry stories, interviews, product reviews and more.