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Oral History Project

Following feedback from interested chapter members, the Finlandia Foundation National History Committee is developing an Oral History Program for chapters so that we may collect and share our Finnish American stories wherever they may be.

This program will provide resources for local chapters to engage in oral history work, including how-to materials covering interviewing methods, recording device information, consent and archiving, as well as a central platform for sharing recorded oral histories.

The stories we collect today will help us to understand our changing community over time. These histories will also be helpful for students, researchers, and descendants of interviewees.

Soon, we will have more information and a tool kit available at this site to assist you in creating your oral history project.

We will offer resources to include how-to videos, discussion groups and possible virtual workshops

To join in the fun, keep up-to-date and help develop the Hub, email Hilary Virtanen:

Oral Histories

of Finnish-Americans

FFN is sharing oral history programs created by its affiliated organizations at the Finlandia Foundation YouTube channel. These include programs by the Finnish Center Association in Farmington Hills, Michigan, which produced the Immigrant Families Remember” series and “Finns in the News” from the Columbia-Pacific Chapter in Portland, Oregon.¬†Click above to view.