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Merja Soria

Merja Soria was the inaugural artist in the FFN Performer of the Year touring program. The Finnish native received a Masters Degree in Music at Sibelius Academy, and taught Finnish music at San Diego State University and the University of San Diego.

She is a singer and performs traditional Finnish music on the kantele. In December Marja participates in The Christmas Revels—A Nordic Celebration of the Winter Solstice, at the Sanders Theatre at Harvard University (click here for info).

Click here for a short animated video, Runo-Story of the First Kantele

In a time before music, a wise old wizard builds a harp from the jaw of a monster, and brings magic to the world.
Based on rune #41 from the Kalevala, a collection of ancient Finnish folktales and myths.

Director/Producer/Animator:Joakim Juti
Kantele and Voice: Merja Soria

Runo is the winner of Best Animation at 2019 Media Film Festival,” says Merja. “I collaborated with Finnish-Mexican animator Joakim Juti in this magical project.”

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