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Finn Hall

Finn Hall is a group of musicians from Oakdale, Minnesota, dedicated to preserving and performing the feel and sounds of the old Finn Halls.

Their performance remains true to the original tunes – music of earlier generations – and also includes dance numbers of the mid 20th century, such as tangos and humppas. Dance music of other Nordic cultures is in their extensive repertoire, too.

Finn Hall has gone back to the “old country” to learn traditional and contemporary dance music, at the same time deepening their personal connections with living musicians and the places from which band members trace their heritage.

Finn Hall core members are: Al Reko – accordion and vocals, Dennis Halme – accordion, Cheryl Paschke – violin and nyckelharpa, and Ralph Tuttila – mandolin.

Finn Hall friends, who regularly perform with the group, are Gordon Oschwald – bass, and Kip Peltoniemi – guitar. Also when available, Johanna Doty joins on violin.

Finn Hall has been together as a band for more than 20 years. Frequent performers at FinnFests and Grand Fests in the U.S. and Canada, they have toured in Finland and performed at the Kaustinen International Folk Music Festival several times. Finn Hall was featured at the FinnFest 2009 cruise to Alaska.

Finn Hall recordings include Muistelmia (Reflections) in 2002 and Tule Tanssimaan (Come Dance) in 2009. For further information go to their website: