Annual Grants for Cultural Projects

Finlandia Foundation National annually invites applications for its grants program, which awards funds to projects related to Finnish-American and Finnish history, heritage, arts and culture.

The 2014 grants have been awarded. Proposals for the 2015 grants will be accepted from fall 2014 until January 15, 2015.

The following is provided for your information only. Please check back for new application materials when the 2015 application period begins.

Finlandia Foundation National invites high-quality projects on a competitive basis that relate to past, present or future of Finnish and Finnish-American culture and are characterized by MANY of the following:
  • receives favorable attention and has a high profile and visibility
  • will be experienced by many people
  • appeals to all Americans, not only ethnic Finns
  • involves worthy activity for children and young adults to assure an interest in Finnish and Finnish-American culture by future generations
  • has multiplier or leverage qualities
  • can be replicated or become a permanent addition to the cultural life of a community
  • is well planned and implemented by individuals or groups
  • involves service of volunteers
  • has a detailed budget, income and expenses
  • adds to the body of research about Finnish and Finnish-American culture
  • if applicable, includes a marketing plan for a project that involves sales of items or event tickets


You may also add extra sheets to the following application. Please include the proper headings.

PLEASE NOTE: Grant proposals must relate to a project occurring between May 1 of the grant year and April 30 of the following year. Grant applications may be sent via e-mail or mail.

All applications must be e-mailed or postmarked by January 15 via
Mail: Finlandia Foundation National, P.O. Box 92046, Pasadena, CA 91103-2046.

This deadline relates to all application materials, including attachments and letters of recommendation sent separately. It is the responsibility of the grant applicant to abide by this deadline. If the grant leaves the hands of the applicant on February 1, it should be faxed, e-mailed, or sent by UPS. You may find the fax machine busy on the last day so it is advisable not to wait until the final day.

If you send support material, send only copies of originals. None will be returned.

Your application must not exceed 10 pages. Any application exceeding that maximum will be disqualified.

Do not send:


Every question must be answered or the application will be considered incomplete.

If you prefer, you may download the word doc version of the application and mail that in – make sure you sign the word doc application before mailing. Unsigned applications will be returned.

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(Include expected overall goals, results, benefits of the grant. Attach supportive materials.)
Description/Justification of Proposed Project/Program: *
(NOTE: The funding cycle is from May 1 of the grant year to April 30 of the following year)
Include detail about BOTH anticipated Income and Expenses. A detailed, complete budget is important in the committee’s evaluation of each grant. Include ticket sales or fees under income if applicable.
Budget: *
(if applicable) Explain how you expect to market an item or service. What kind of arrangements will you make to receive media coverage?
Marketing Plan: *
Outline your plans for advertising and what your expected results from sales of your product or tickets sales are.
Expected Sales of Products and Tickets and Planned Advertising and Media Coverage: *
When did you last apply for a grant from Finlandia Foundation National? *
Applicants who have received a grant within the past three years will generally not be funded, unless the purpose of the grant is sufficiently different and meritorious as to warrant special consideration.
When did you last receive a grant from Finlandia Foundation National? *
I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT the information given in this application and all its attachments is truthful and accurate. I FURTHER AGREE TO SUBMIT a final or progress report to the Chair of the Grants Committee within the year the grant was awarded. This report should be limited to one page of results and outcomes and a listing of actual income and expenses. Programs, press clippings, etc. may be attached. I ALSO AGREE TO USE THE FUNDING FOR THE PURPOSE INDICATED IN THE APPLICATION. Should this not be feasible for any reason, I will promptly return the funds to the Finlandia Foundation National. POSTMARK DEADLINE FOR MAILING OF APPLICATIONS TO THE FINLANDIA FOUNDATION NATIONAL OFFICE, IS FEBRUARY 1, 2015, for projects/programs scheduled for the year 2015-2016.
Can you supply us with a local news contact which could be used for publicity purposes? *