Salolampi Finnish Language Village

Sample Finland in Minnesota

The main hall at Salolampi
The main hall at Salolampi
Thank you for your interest in Salolampi Language Village.
MATCHING FUNDS APPLICATION deadline for the upcoming season is May 1, 2018. 
Salolampi Finnish Language Village is a unique experience in Minnesota that immerses campers in a Finnish experience, from the authentic architecture to the food served, daily schedule of activities, the lakeside sauna and treats and souvenirs sold in the camp store.

Salolampi aapinens_8135 Finnish is one of 15 languages in the Concordia summer language program for seven-to-18-year-olds, and is one of the six cultures that have architecturally authentic villages on Turtle River Lake. The other such villages are German, French, Norwegian, Spanish and Russian.

The languages without villages are taught at these existing language sites and rental properties in the area. The Finnish language enrollment of 150 young people usually arrive from 20 to 25 states.

The youngest children beginning at seven years of age generally enroll for one week, but older children can stay for one, two or four weeks. The four-week sessions award one year of high school credit for a more traditional and intensive course. Some students earn as much as three years of high school credit, beginning with their freshman summer.

FFN Offers Matching Scholarships with Local Chapter Participation

Finlandia Foundation National encourages its member chapters to support youth participation in the Salolampi program. FFN will award matching scholarships of up to $300 each when a local chapter provides a scholarship for a summertime session.

Students may also be eligible for one of two types of travel grants:

  1. Students from outside of the Upper Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and North and South Dakota) may also apply to FFN for travel grants of up to $500 per student.
  2. Students who live 100 or more miles from Salolampi may be reimbursed for round-trip travel at 25¢ per mile. 

    Receipts are required.

The application(s) of the participating child(ren) must be submitted to FFN Salolampi coordinator by May 1, 2018:
Dennis Anderson
4315 Cimarron Court NW
Rochester, MN  55901
or email: FFN.Salolampi @
Questions? Phone 218.251.0164

Selection will be made on a first-come first-serve basis, with first-time campers receiving priority. This scholarship can be used as part of the tuition for a one-week or multi-week session at Salolampi. The individual scholarship funds will be transferred directly to Concordia Language Villages.

Additional Salolampi scholarships are also available through Concordia Language Villages web site: 

CLICK HERE for a short video about funds to assist students in attending Salolampi.

Any remaining costs, such as travel, need to be covered by other sources.

Each scholarship recipient is requested to submit a report to FFN about the Salolampi experience by August 31 following camp. Photos are greatly appreciated!

Chapters offering scholarships and nominating students for matching funds from FFN must complete and submit the application by May 1. CLICK HERE for a fillable PDF of the application.