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Richard Ahola

Dr. Richard Ahola has been a member of the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute in Syracuse, New York, since 1995. He has performed pupil transportation management and efficiency studies for the Georgia School Board’s Association, the State of North Carolina and many New York State school districts. He also served as New York State Director of Pupil Transportation, and retired from the state’s education department in 1995. A 25-year member of Phi Delta Kappa, Richard is a past president of the SUNY Albany Chapter.

Prior to 1993, Richard was the chief of the Bureau of Educational Management Services of the education department. He was responsible for the planning and direction of the Bureau of Educational Management Services, providing assistance to sound school business management, including school district budgeting, elections, board meetings, transportation, bonding, insurance, Native American funding and other related activities.

Before 1987, Richard was the supervisor of School Business Management in the Health and Safety Unit of the Bureau of Facilities Planning of the department. Between the years of 1970-1982, he served as assistant, associate, and supervisor in the Bureau of Educational Management Services. He is recognized nationally as an authority in pupil transportation, particularly as it relates to safety and economy.