Soiva Music Camp

June 15-24, 2018 in Moorhead, Minnesota

Soiva International Music Camp, the Camp with an International Heart!

Soiva Camp is a music camp for students ages 11-19—but it’s also a memorable experience that brings together young people and instructors from Finland and the United States for a week of learning, fun, and cultural exchange.

This special opportunity is open to students of piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, clarinet and saxophone, as well as composition and improvisation.. 

The 2017 camp at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, was another success! 


Click here for a video of the 2017 Soiva recital.

Click on the brochure below for more information about the 2017 camp. Information on Soiva 2018 will be posted when it is available.

Loosely translated, “Soiva” means “sounding forth” or “ringing.”

Soiva is an international music adventure in partnership between Concordia College and Finlandia Foundation National with additional support from the Minnesota Finnish American Historical Society.
Soiva Music Camp provides a perfect opportunity for students ages 11 to 19 to experience music instruction on a whole new level. Private lessons are given on piano, flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, saxophone and composition/improvisation.
At Soiva, students interact with first rate faculty and other students from both the U.S. and Finland.
In addition to receiving individual lessons, students also discover the joy of playing in small chamber music ensembles. Their daily musical experiences culminate in a final public concert. 


FFN Trustee Dennis M. Anderson and Melodee Bahr are co-directors of Soiva Music Camp
Soiva camp tuition is $700 until April 30, 2018; $750 after April 30.

The fee for students who commute daily (no housing) is $500.

Auditions: First time students must submit a short audition piece with application to soiva2018 @

Scholarships: Inquire about scholarships and/or travel grants at soiva 2018 @

 Aino Pöntinen, student
Aino Pöntinen, Soiva student


In recent years Soiva Music Camp has been held at Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota, but in 2016 the camp was held for the first time in Järvenpää, Finland (near Helsinki), from June 16-23.

Soiva Music Camp

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Soiva Experiences

Matt Scott, student (left):
“I like seeing what (the other students) are like with their music and how well they play!”
Aino Pöntinen, student:
“The camp was great, the teachers were the BEST and thank you for this opportunity to experience something so wonderful!”
Morganne McIntyre, student:
“This camp has  been so amazing! The faculty of both Finland and America have been so helpful. Their teaching methods are wonderful!”


Marja Pohjola, Finnish teacher:
“Thank you very much for wonderful arrangements. It is working very well with music camp at Concordia College.”

Elena Olshin:
“I play the flute and at this camp I learned music by Finnish composers for the first time. There was also composition and improvisation which was fun, and I performed the piece I composed at the final concert.

“Along with the instructors from Finland were other kids, and it was interesting to talk about our similarities and differences and how our countries view each other. I hope to be able to return to Soiva again sometime.”

Minna Thrall, student:
“I’m so glad I was able to connect with people who live where my ancestors were from and share with them one of the most beautiful things on earth: music!

“I made many friends and learned so much about Finnish culture. I also learned many great violin techniques from some of the best teachers in the world!

“Because of this camp I have a whole new appreciation for music and the violin.”

Steve Carlson, American teacher:
“This has been another excellent experience with the Soiva Camp. The students who come to the camp walk away with an invaluable experience that they will always remember.”