POY Application

Thank you for your interest in Performer of the Year.
The next application deadline,
for the POY term September 1, 2018-August 31, 2019, Will Be February 15, 2018. 
Finlandia Foundation National launched the POY program in 1996 to assist undiscovered artists and gain exposure for entertaining programs related to Finnish and Finnish-American culture. While most of the performers selected have been singers or instrumentalists, the POY may possess any talent that appeals to a range of ages and is consistent with the goals of the FFN.
Past Performer of the Year Olli Hirvonen

Only individuals will be considered for POY, with the possible exception of an artist who requires an accompanist. Ensembles or groups are not eligible. All application packages must include four (4) copies of the following materials, which will not be returned. The application package must be postmarked by midnight, February 15, 2018. Include:

  1. The completed and signed Application form, indicating that the applicant commits to a minimum of eight (8) chapter events during the term, and will schedule companion workshop(s) whenever possible
  2. Biographical information/CV
  3. Recent photograph
  4. Audio-visual or digital material to demonstrate applicant’s talent
  5. Support documentation of merit
  6. Signed letter(s) of nomination from a trustee(s) or chapter(s) of Finlandia Foundation National or other Finnish-American organization(s)

Payment agreement The POY’s travel expenses to performances/events organized by/for FFN chapters within the United States are covered by the FFN travel grant of $7,000. One-half of the total amount budgeted by FFN is paid to the POY at the beginning of the term; the balance will be paid upon approval of the accounting, reports and plans for the performance and travel schedule.

Performer agreement The POY commits to a minimum of eight (8) chapter events during the term, and will schedule companion workshop(s) whenever possible. The POY will work directly with chapters/host organizations to confirm appearance dates and details.

Chapter/host organization responsibilities The host chapter/organization is responsible for handling and paying for all local transportation and accommodation arrangements.

POY honorarium The POY’s honorarium will be paid by the chapter/host organization directly to the POY. Please be prepared to indicate your suggested/desired honorarium/performance fee.

POY Coordinator Performance arrangements are made between the event organizers and the POY. The POY must keep the POY Program Coordinator informed of the chapter appearances, either by copy on emails, or by periodic updated schedules. In case of problems or conflicts, the Program Coordinator may be called upon for advice.

Direct all scheduling information and questions to POY Coordinator Betsey Norgard, norgard @ paulbunyan.net

Publicity Please provide local news outlet(s)/contact(s) for publicity purposes if selected as POY.

The host chapter/organization will promote/advertise the POY appearance within its community.


Click here for a PDF of the Performer of the Year Application; it may be completed online but you must print, sign and mail/ship a copy of the application with your support materials.