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Finnish Swedish Heritage Day

November 6 is Finnish Swedish Heritage Day in Finland, which celebrates Finland’s Swedish-speaking population, its history and culture. Swedish, along with Finnish, is an official language of Finland.

The day was established in 1908 and there is a special flag to recognize Swedish-speaking Finns.

It is also Gustavus Adolphus Day in Sweden. The king was killed at the Battle of Lutzen on November 6, 1632.

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Blueberry yogurt pie
Blueberry yogurt pie

Finnish Foods

Here is a sampling of Finnish foods that are popular with Finnish-Americans who want to carry on their culinary traditions and stay connected to their heritage. The ingredients and recipes are generally simple, straightforward and fairly healthy.

joulutorttu – Christmas tarts are a light pastry shaped like a pinwheel with a prune or other fruit filling

kahvia – coffee, the beverage of choice for Finns who are the top coffee drinkers in the world

Karelian piirakka – a thin rye pastry filled with creamed rice and topped with egg butter; other filling options include mashed potatoes, salmon or cheese

korvapuusti – cinnamon buns with cardamom

lohikeitto – salmon, leek and potato soup

makkara – sausage, traditionally grilled over an open fire and served after sauna

mustikkapiirakka – blueberry pie

pannukakku – oven baked pancake

pulla – cardamom yeast bread that is usually braided; a must with kahvia (coffee)

riisipuuro – rice pudding

ruisleipä – rye bread